Sauca, M. (2020). Blood rites: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of the reconnection with the innate feminine [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Middlesex University.

Today a woman’s cycle and psyche are fragmented between two opposing poles of her functioning: ovulation and menstruation. One is deemed ‘evil’ by centuries of patriarchal societies. This disconnection can be addressed by rebuilding a relationship with the entirety of their menstrual cycle and the feminine. According to relational models of women’s psychology, this allows women to develop and function in harmony with natural rhythms of their inner and outer worlds. This study explored the experience of menstruation for women practicing menstrual blood rituals of communion with Earth, bringing them into relationship with menstruation and the feminine. The current research used an interpretative phenomenological analysis methodology and employed three participants who performed menstrual rituals for three consecutive menstruations. Data was acquired through semi-structured in-depth interviews. The data analysis resulted in four themes: negative beliefs; relationship with menstrual cycle; transpersonal correlations of menstrual cycle; and connection with the feminine. This study contributes and supports current literature concerned with qualitative research of women’s experience of menstruation. It highlights: gender specific psychological models; the possibility for women to function harmoniously honouring their natural rhythms; and the capacity of ritual to bring women into relationship with menstruation and lead them to transpersonal unitive experiences.

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