Tadmor, N. (2020). Psychedelic meta-integration: The phenomenology of the psychospiritual Integration process of multiple psychedelic experiences in the lives of western mental health professionals [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Middlesex University.

Psychedelics are psychoactive agents that alter perception and affect numerous cognitive processes. Their use dates back to human pre-history, and after thousands of years of ritualistic use in different ages and cultures around the world, there is currently a resurgence in research exploring their effects. Psychedelic integration is the process by which different parts of a psychedelic experience are integrated into a coherent narrative, so that the lessons and insights gained during the experience could be assimilated into the day to day life of the person. Psychedelic “meta-integration”, refers to the process by which people integrate the total sum of their psychedelic experiences into their personality, relationships and practice. Using a phenomenological approach and semi-structured protocols, eight interviews were conducted with psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers and psychotherapists, having significant first-person experience with psychedelics, with the intention to shed light on the psychological and spiritual aspects of psychedelic meta-integration, on the nature and nuances of their experience throughout the process, on the different practices that are involved and on the different ways with which these Western mental health professionals are implementing their psychedelic insights into their daily life and clinical work. Data analysis gave rise to a multi-layered model that encompasses core aspects of human life, including interpersonal and emotional development, relationship with death and with nature, love, meaning and spirituality, together with aspects that relate to the therapeutic work of Western mental health professionals. In addition, a list of practices that could potentially support the assimilation of psychedelic insights and experiences into daily life was produced, thus offering a possible framework for the integration process of multiple psychedelic experiences.

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