PTP – Emma Dean

“Our group presentation work…was great. I really enjoyed this process and as I said in my discussion on the need for community, meeting my fellow students and like-minded explorers of the cosmos has been wonderful…to connect with others in a deep and meaningful way. The course has not only fed my hunger for knowledge and satisfying my curiosity, but it has given me the opportunity to help find my people. Dave and Pascal are not just fonts of intellectual knowledge, but have provided personal guidance and signposting that has been so beneficial to me personally, professionally and spiritually.

The delivery of the course has been great, I was apprehensive about online learning, but it’s actually been pretty seamless and I’ve still been able to be fully engaged and make connections with other students

Both [course leaders] are very laid back and approachable, which I appreciate. It’s been over a decade since I completed my degree and since then I have not flexed my intellectual and philosophical muscles all that much…but… Dave’s delivery of the topics has been amusing and engaging, and Pascal is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable”

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