PTP – Lola Knowles

“There have been a multitude of opportunities for knowledge, reflection and interpersonal connections. I have learnt a great deal about the historical contexts and different themes within the psychedelic field. I have enjoyed starting to piece together how my own interests and experiences fit into these parameters… This has also helped me to identify where I can improve and grow.

One of the most well-thought-out features of this first module is the groundwork it provides. Placing psychedelic history and research into the multitude of regions, cultures, belief systems and substances is no mean feat! Although I clearly still have a lot to learn, the combination of webinars, readings and Breaking Conventions [conference] attendance has helped me gain some rich historical knowledge.

I have appreciated the flexibility we have had. We have been able to develop aspects along the lines of our own interests and what we deem to be useful going forward. Firstly, for our group presentation we were investigating the relationship between music and altered states..

I am also excited about the possibility to bring my more professional/academic side into the psychedelic sphere with the upcoming final project… I am really excited to have course leaders and peers who will support and guide me in this area.

There are obviously particular aspects of the psychedelic landscape that I have discovered I know very little about. One of which has been the more ethical considerations that we ought to have in terms of being mindful of others’ differing experiences and in more consciously respecting the indigenous cultures that many plants and rituals derive from.

The people who I have made connections with on the PTP course so far have enriched the experience immensely. There is a diverse mix of backgrounds and approaches to altered states in the groups. I have learnt a lot about the therapeutic and clinical uses of the various substances we have discussed so far. It has also been really interesting to see the different journeys people have made which have brought them to this course… The fact that we also got to discuss this experience with Rick Doblin at Breaking Conventions will certainly remain a highlight for a long time!”

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