PTP – Teodora Petkova

“Engaging with my peers in the discussion forum for that section was a really beautiful experience for me, since I could detect in their accounts language and values that mirror my own and are a byproduct of my journey into the realms of healing and psychedelic use. The ontological questions which naturally have arisen in the course of this module have been deeply fascinating to me and challenged me to delve deeper into philosophical inquiries and seek out more information. The natural spark of curiosity that the framework of this course invokes in me has been one of the biggest gifts… the interaction with the material and the ever-increasing amount of questions I have in regards to the nature of the transpersonal experience have provided me with fertile soil to sow the seeds of self-development. My critical thinking skills about content and my capacity to question my own beliefs have both been two very useful muscles to work in the context of the course”

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