TCP Certificate Course – Testimonial – Jenni Capel

“I am very grateful that life took me in the direction of the TCP course with its rich content and inquiry-based approach.

I valued the way in which each module was built skillfully upon each other. I appreciated the focus as we entered into peer to peer coaching, in first developing an integral practice in support of growing maturity of presence, to be able to hold space for another, and also, before fully exploring coaching models, the focus was oriented towards being fully present to the other in the co-creative coaching space. Only after experiencing and establishing rapport and the flow of a session, the structure was introduced with the lightest of touches so that the emphasis in a session moves from flow to structure in an organic client-centred way.

An integral practice has served to deepen and support an already established mindfulness practice. The course has created a core understanding of the transpersonal perspective which has served to enrich the inquiry process in mindfulness group work I do with adults and children and I’m enjoying the next steps of being in service to others in a coaching capacity.”

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