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Transpersonal Perspectives: Alef Trust ebook

It is a pleasure to present Transpersonal Perspectives, our first collections of essays by Alef Trust students, alumni and faculty.

These ten essays reflect in many ways the issues that enlivened the dialogues which birthed the Alef Trust some ten years ago—the need for transpersonal psychology to grow beyond its somewhat individualistic origins; the importance of addressing the global concerns of our day; respect for high-quality research and scholarship; the vacuity of explorations of consciousness when devoid of embodied practice; and, above all, our perception of the need for building a community that would be able to foster these shared values.

The Alef Trust community is vibrant and growing, and, crucially, it is strongly outward-directed. All the students whose work is presented here are practitioners; they share a will to make a difference in the world.

Transpersonal Perspectives Contents

Foreword: Transpersonal Perspectives
Les Lancaster & Jessica Bockler

The Interplay Between the Unconscious and Conscious (and Why It Matters)
Chantal le Roux

Open Awareness, The Game Changer
Jevon Dangeli

Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling Rooted in Traditions
Julie De Vitto

Towards a Transpersonal Psychiatry
Nir Tadmor

On the Relationship Between Cognitive Neuroscience and Spirituality/Religion
Markus Gern

Transcendence and Integration. The Role of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness in Transpersonal Coaching 
Bonnie Bright, Ph.D.

Enlightenment vs Endarkenment: A False Dichotomy?
Martha Sneyd

Could Psychological Crisis be a Symptom or Catalyst for Awakening Experience?
Donna Thomas

Revealing Spirit: Healing, Growth and Transformation in the Wake of Abuse
Lorraine Clewer

A Critical Evaluation of MacGilchrist’s Look at Western Society’s Machiavellian
Mindset Compared to the Context Blindness Displayed by Autistic Individuals
Tania Botoulas

Download Transpersonal Perspectives.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed producing this collection and do feel free to share.

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